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At AVL WealthCare we believe that managing wealth isn’t simply about acquiring assets. It’s about you. That’s why, before you even commit to working with us, we take time to get to know you and to introduce you to our comfortable, step-by-step approach to helping fulfill your mission.


In addition, we will ask you to share your thoughts on questions such as: What does financial success look like to you? What resources do you have? What challenges do you face? Your responses to these questions and the information which you share will serve as the basis for an Investment Plan Meeting where we will present you with a “Discovery Profile” which reflects our understanding of what you’ve shared with us along with a strategy document, including your proposed financial plan.


Based on your input, we will adjust these documents as needed and present them to you at our Mutual Commitment Meeting. At this point we work together to decide whether the strategy we have presented makes sense for you. 

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