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As we build our advisor relationship with you, our focus remains on you, and on helping resolve complex issues within the following four life planning components:

Each component is addressed when – and if – it plays an integral role in your life. We help you balance and identify changing needs within your career and creative aspirations, charitable goals, family sharing time, and social and leisure activities. When changes are warranted, we help ensure smooth transitions: for you, or for multiple generations and branches within your family.

Enhancing Wealth

For managing your financial portfolio, we offer a prudent approach based on our fiduciary relationship with you as your trusted investment advisor.

We have a legal responsibility to act in your best interests – and we take that responsibility very seriously.


We tailor your portfolio’s level of risk according to your personal preferences, goals and circumstances. In addition, we assist with appropriate asset location between taxable versus tax-advantaged accounts.


We apply these techniques for individual investor, retirement plan sponsor and institutional client relationships alike.

Protecting Wealth

Many of your financial goals can span a lifetime, or even generations, so it’s important to prepare for uncertain events that could otherwise derail your overall strategy. Once we’ve defined your long-term objectives, our role also includes identifying potential threats to your financial plan, and to help protect against them.

Our approach to helping protect your wealth is thoughtful, deliberate and highly individualized. Planning comes first: exploring concerns related to managing the effects of taxes, inflation and market fluctuations; privacy, security, and legal actions; property and casualty losses; business continuation; and legacy creation and protection. Next we consider procedures, documents and similar techniques that can help offer the necessary protection. As a final option, we might incorporate insurance or related tools – but only as required for clearly defined roles.


Transferring Wealth

While many identify leaving a legacy as among their most important life goals, research from The Williams Group, indicates that only about one-third of wealth transfers succeed after transition! Equally interesting, a common trait among those who succeed is the ability to sustain a smooth and open flow of internal communications among family members. (Source: The Williams Group,

That’s why we have the resources in place to assist with financial management and estate planning details, but we also offer guidance on the critical personal dynamics that may represent the key to success in multigenerational wealth transition.


Donating Wealth

The true value of philanthropy lies in the meaning it brings to those both giving and receiving. For example:

A pleasant by-product for a family engaged in charitable pursuits appears to be the value it adds to effective communication of family values among generations. (Source: The Williams Group,

Ongoing legislative reform may afford existing and new opportunities for charitable giving to play an increasing role within your tax planning efforts. Keeping up with the latest regulations in this area can add value to your charitable pursuits. If your goals include a philanthropic component, we carefully integrate it within your overall strategy.

The tax and estate planning information offered by the advisor is general in nature.  It is provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal or tax advice.  Always consult an attorney or tax professional regarding your specific legal or tax situation.

Enhancing Wealth
Protectng Weath
Transferring Wealth
Donating Wealth
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